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Submitting a new Keyword is easy.

Just fill in the fields. All are optional, and you can list more than one in each field separating them with a <br> code.

  • name: The same as it appears in MoKA.
  • associated: Could be another Keyword, Genre, Person or anything that you might think of.
  • confused: If there is another keyword that people might confuse it with.
  • good: A title that is especially memorable and famous for this particular Keyword.
  • bad: A movie that should NOT use the Keyword, but people might think it should.
  • wikipedia: A link to the appropriate English Wikipedia article.
  • moka: A link to the appropriate MoKA analyzation.

You should start the article with the Keyword in bold and give a one line description of what it means. Then you can write as much info as necessary for the reader to completely understand when the Keyword should be used.

It entire page might look something like this:

{{Infobox keyword
| name = Tintin
| associated = [ writer Hergé]
| confused = Rin tin tin
| good = [ Tintin et le temple du soleil]
| bad = [ The Return of Rin Tin Tin]
| wikipedia = The_Adventures_of_Tintin#Tintin_and_Snowy
| moka = tintin

'''Tintin''' is a Belgian comic book hero created by Hergé in 1929. Keyword should be 
added if Tintin is a main character in the title and/or is refered to in a title (mostly in documentaries).


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