What is it?Edit

This is the place where you get help trying to contribute credits of a non English movie into IMDb. If you are fluent in English and would like to add credits from a non English movie where you don't understand the credit's language. Or if you just have a minimum of English knowledge and would like to contribute credits for a movie from your own country. It works both ways.

How does it work?Edit

Just write any Occupation in the search bar below. If it's a major film Occupation then you will be redirect to the English translation. In the first paragraph it will tell you in which IMDb Department it should go under.

How can I contribute?Edit

Translation formEdit

If you have a translation that is not listed here, you can write down the non English word in the input box below and hit create where you will be taken trough 4 easy steps. Don't be afraid to submit many different ways of writing the word, along with common miss spellings.

Occupation formEdit

If you know of an Occupation on IMDb that is not listed here and you would like to add it, then simply write the name of the occupation in the search box below and hit create. You have to find out wich Department IMDb lists the occupation and then replace DEPARTMENT (2x) with it. If it is not listed on IMDb, you should not make a new page for it. Instead you can create a redirect page to a similar English occupation title using the Translation form below.

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