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Birth date: August 16, 1984
Country: Iceland
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2006: #80 - 39918 items
2007: #255 - 4419 items
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$ \mathbf{BE~ KIND,~ DO~ SIGN:} $

  • --Steinninn 14:59, 16 May 2007 (UTC)

To do Edit

  1. Add links to the Departments from all categories
  2. Add links to the official attribute and occupation list
  3. Do a main attributes template
  4. Make a "first paragraph" template.
  5. Build a home page
  6. Make a statement
  7. Announce the official opening of IMDb dictionary at the Contribution Help message board
  8. Open a full Wiki
  9. Make attributes small
  10. Get permission from Oliver Heidelbach to adopt his dictionary he said no
  11. Add more translations (on going)
  12. Add categorys to attribute templates
  13. Add all occupations to the categories (making the Occupation form obsolete)
  14. Completing the Translation form with separate language and translation window to fill out
  15. Make friends with IMDb to use their name and to get developing news from them for the site to stay up to date
  16. Add <div id="chooselang"> to the JavaScript
  17. Discussions of possible merging of occupations (on going)
  18. Consider expanding the site to include a keyword dictionary
  19. Discussions of possible new keywords (on going)
  20. Consider expanding the site to include a attribute definition

Wish list Edit

Someone that knows JavaScript could maybe do some of these

  1. MagicWord for how many pages are listed in one or more categories. This would be good to give an accurate number of translations on the Main Page.
  2. SideBar link to a random page in one or more categories. This would be good to have such features as a "Random Occupation" or "Random Translation"
  3. Some kind of feature where [[Category:Miss spelling]] automaticlly goes to the bottom of the page when you are in the Translation form
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